Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

At Bayside Hooping, we are trying our best to produce top quality products without the negative impact on our planet.

To do this we are:
1. Choosing sustainable suppliers - we want all our suppliers to be as sustainable as possible and ask them not to send us any unnecessary packaging and plastic.
2. Recycle as much rubbish as possible - we try to produce as little waste as possible and we either find new uses for old items or dispose of unwanted waste into our recycling bins.
3. Use green packaging - we don't send any unnecessary packaging to customers and all packaging received from Bayside Hooping can be recycled in your recycling bin.

As well as the above measures we are also donating a portion of profits to WWF Australia, by supporting Bayside Hooping with the hoops you buy you are also supporting our wildlife and working towards a more sustainable future!

Remember that your pre-loved hoops can be recycled too! When you have decided your hoop has run it's course you can:
1. Give it away to a new hooper, school or hula hoop tutor.
2. Send it back to us to have it upgraded, downsized, freshly taped or just simply recycled.
3. Cut it up and put it in your recycling bin.

Recycling is so easy and we hope that you join us on creating a change for the better!

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