The Benefits of Hula Hooping

We all know hooping is a great for our bodies and souls but what exactly are the key benefits?

Cardio Workout: Hula hooping gives your body a complete workout while improving your cardiovascular fitness. According to the American Council on Exercise, hooping can burn over 400 calories and hour.

Killer Abs: It's no surprise that hooping is a pretty intense core workout which, with a healthy diet, can produce killer abs. You can also improve your strength in other areas by doing off body moves.

Spinal Strength: Since you are required to do a lot of spinal rotation movements, hooping encourages blood flow to the spine and is known to prevent back injuries.

Greater Endurance: The longer you hula hoop the better your endurance will become. The best part is that you don't even notice it once you put on your favourite music to hoop dance to!

Flexibility: A bit of flexibilty is required on some particular moves which you will gain without even realising it. I can't speak for everyone, but I gained a lot of flexibility through hooping with little effort - including the splits!

Co-ordination and Balance: It takes a lot of co-ordination and balance to perform certain tricks and by learning moves in your preffered direction as well as the opposite, you are guaranteed to improve your motor skills.

Stress Relief: While we gain a lot of physical benefits from hooping, one of the best benefits is stress relief. Hooping is one of the only activities I do that completely clears my mind of other things, lets me focus and be in the moment.

These are just a few of the key benefits as there are so many other reasons you should pick up your hoop and start hooping right now!

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